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How to create a free Google Cloud Console with a $100 donation to a charity

 (Reddit)  Google has been a massive contributor to our community in recent years, helping us create a thriving community around our products.

In fact, over the years, Google has donated millions of dollars to charities in the United States, the UK, Australia, Canada, and other countries.

But this isn’t the only reason that we love Google.

As an organization that cares about making our technology as accessible as possible, we’re happy to make a little extra money when people can join us in making the world a better place.

If you’ve made a donation to help a nonprofit, you can find a link in the sidebar, or check out the donation page on Google Cloud for more info.

If you’re new to Google Cloud, we recommend checking out Google Cloud Basics for more information on the basics of the platform.

If you’d like to donate, we’d love to hear from you!

Please let us know what you’d prefer to donate and what we could do to help.

We’d love for you to share your thoughts on the donation. Thank you!