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The Cloud Tattoos Are Here: How To Get Cloud Tattooed

When I got my first tattoo, I thought it was a pretty silly idea.

At first, I was just getting some kind of random tattoo or something like that, but then I realized it was just a reflection of me being a pretty self-obsessed person, and I kind of wanted to make it something that would get me recognized by my friends.

I kind-of wanted to create a meme for myself, so I did it, and that’s how it ended up being.

It ended up becoming a bit of a meme.

I think it was my second tattoo, but the first was a piece of my head that had been cut off by a knife, and it was probably a month before I actually had any ink to start with, and then I just decided to just put it on because it was kind of a simple piece of me that I had to get out there, and when it got bigger and bigger and larger, I realized that I really wanted to be in my skin.

I wanted to just make it my own and do whatever I wanted with it, but it ended on a note of being pretty self conscious.

I’m not sure why I ended up doing that first tattoo.

But I just think it’s really cool that you can have a tattoo with a little bit of your face and still not be ashamed of it, because it’s a reflection on yourself and your personality, and you just want to be able to show people that you’re you.

But the thing is, you just can’t show people who you really are.

You can’t be your own person, so if you want to get your own tattoo, you’ve got to find someone who has an ink that will be visible to them, so it kind of helps that I’ve had people ask me questions about it, so that’s been a cool experience.