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Cloud Kingdom Hearts: I’m in the clouds!

The clouds have gathered for Cloud Kingdom, the latest entry in Disney Infinity’s Star Wars-themed worlds, but you can also visit the Star Wars universe and meet the heroes in the land of Cloud Kingdom.

Star Wars: Cloud Kingdom opens in the new year and is available for pre-order at DisneyStore.com.

The game launches with a set of six playable heroes including Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and Darth Vader.

Each hero will be playable for the first time in Star Wars: Destiny.

Star War: Cloud City opens in 2019.

The theme park’s Star Tours line is a new take on Disney’s popular Star Wars experience.

Disney has also opened a brand new, standalone Star Wars attraction, called Star Tours Star Wars Land, and has been updating the park with new attractions, attractions, rides and more.

Star Wars fans can visit Star Wars Worlds, which features a collection of iconic Star Wars locations and features a Star Wars Marketplace.

Disney’s Star Trek: Discovery follows Star Trek Beyond in 2019, but is available to pre-buy at Disney Store.

Star Trek Discovery features three new adventures that will take you to a variety of Star Trek-themed locations, including the Star Trek Bridge of Callos, the Star Bridge of Destiny and the Star Battle Arena.

The Star Wars franchise is back in 2019 with Star Wars Celebration 2019, an event that will showcase new content and special guests.

The first-ever Star Wars event, Star Wars Day 2019, will be held on November 11.

The celebration is hosted by Lucasfilm and Disney Infinity and will feature a variety the Star Tours: The Adventures Continue line of adventures and a Star Tours Space Adventures line of attractions.

Star Tours will be featured at the Star War Celebration in 2020, as well.

Star Battles is one of the most popular Disney Infinity games and will be coming to the PlayStation®VR.

Star Trek: The Official Star Trek Experience will also be available for purchase in 2019 and will take players to the fictional Star Trek universe for the very first time.

The Star Trek Legends: Starfleet Experience, which includes Star Trek Battle Arena and Star Trek Battles, will launch in 2019 for the PlayStation VR and Xbox One.

StarWars: Rogue One, Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Tours, StarWars: Destiny and Star Wars Legends: Discovery will be available in the same month for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.