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How to stop Amazon from snooping on you

When you think of Amazon’s cloud, what comes to mind?

That it’s just the place to store your files?

That your stuff is protected by a security blanket?

Well, Amazon has a new feature in place that lets you see exactly what the company is watching.

The company recently launched a new Cloud Readiness Tool that allows you to see exactly how much cloud services are reading, which might mean you don’t need to worry about your data being exposed to someone else.


In a blog post on the service, Amazon said the tool will enable users to monitor the amount of data being read by various cloud services and “see which apps are running most frequently, and which apps have more active users.”

The company added that the tool does not allow you to use the tool to determine which apps were reading your data. 

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of Amazon monitoring your data, though, you can turn off the Cloud Readness Tool by setting a custom setting. 

“It’s not that we don’t trust you, we trust you to be secure and private, but it’s not our job to monitor your private data,” the company wrote. 

The Cloud Readess Tool also has a privacy feature to make it easier to manage how your data is used. 

You can set up the Cloudreadess Tool as a private key and access your data in two ways: by enabling the option in your Dashboard, or by setting up a “private” setting in Amazon Cloud Dashboard. 

When you turn on the CloudReadess Tool, Amazon says it will provide you with a log that shows how much data has been read by your apps. 

It will also inform you of any changes that have been made to your account since the last time the Cloud Reader was used.

You can also turn the Cloud Reading Tool off for individual apps.

You can choose to not use it and have the logs show the exact number of files you’ve read. 

Once you’ve turned it off, the logs won’t show any changes, and you can disable the Cloud READess Tool from the Dashboard (the settings are on the dashboard, and will not appear in the log). 

If Amazon detects you have installed more than one app with Cloud ReadESS Tool, it will alert you that you have exceeded the amount allowed by the app.

If you’re trying to stop an app from reading data from your account, you’ll need to uninstall all the apps that are using the Cloud readess tool and uninstall them.

You should also note that the Cloud Watch feature is a little more nuanced than the Cloud reader.

The CloudWatch tool uses a “dynamic DNS” approach that uses the Internet Protocol (IP) address of a Cloud Service Provider to track the number of requests from users. 

That information is shared with Amazon, so it’s possible that someone else could have read your data without your knowledge. 

However, if your data isn’t being monitored, you should be able to disable Cloud Readress Tool in Dashboard by setting your custom setting to “no.” 

Once that’s done, you won’t see any logs or information in Dashboards or Cloud Dashboards. 

Amazon Cloud Readies is free, and if you do decide to use it, you may want to make sure you’re aware of its privacy setting, the CloudWatch feature, and the Cloudwatch Privacy Settings that Amazon has created.