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How to spot a thunder cloud and its dangers

It’s the cloud of smoke that comes up from a fire.

It’s also a warning sign that your property is on fire, or that your home or car is dangerously hot.

And while the smoke is a sign that something is on the fire’s path, the danger of a wildfire is much worse.

“It can be a really dangerous thing to see if you’re a firefighter,” fire department spokesperson Kristi Smith said.

“If there’s a fire that’s close to your home, there’s probably going to be smoke and there’s going to probably be fire danger.”

If the smoke comes from a house, it’s probably a smoke plume, she said.

But if it’s from an aircraft or a helicopter, it could be a warning of an imminent danger.

“You don’t want to see that smoke, that flames coming from a plane or from a helicopter.

That’s the only way to know you’ve got a smoke hazard in your area,” Smith said.”

And if there’s smoke coming from your house, or you’ve had a small fire, there may be more smoke from other places.”

Firefighters often warn people of smoke from the smoke of a fire in a nearby forest.

“When we go out in an area that’s heavily burned, there are many small fires that have been burning on the side of the road,” Smith explained.

“And if those are small fires, the flames can be very low, very low in the air, and it can create a very dangerous situation for firefighters.”

But if the smoke was from an airplane or helicopter, there could be many more nearby fires.

The danger is not limited to a fire area.

Smith said smoke from planes can be an issue in areas with a lot of traffic and in a fire zone, like in a large city.

“The smoke can come from a lot more locations in the city, especially in areas where there’s lots of traffic,” she said.

“If there are large aircrafts that are flying around the city or the city is in an industrial area, it can be more difficult to identify where the smoke has come from.”

If smoke from a large fire is in the area, you’re not going to see any fire danger from it, she explained.

But it could still be hazardous for firefighters if they see a large cloud of thick black smoke.

“That’s a very, very high hazard.

And it’s just really dangerous to see a smoke cloud in a big area,” she added.”

Because you’ve seen that smoke and you’ve probably seen a fire already and you’re thinking, ‘Wow, what the hell has happened?'”

Smoke from aircrafts and helicopters is also a danger, but the danger is much less.

“There are other ways of identifying smoke,” Smith added.

“You know, it doesn’t look like it’s coming from an airliner or from an engine or from anything like that.”

It’s a problem for firefighters because they are dealing with very thick black fire smoke, but it’s also dangerous for everyone.

“They have to be able to quickly identify it.

And you know, we’re talking about people coming out of their homes with their children, their pets, trying to protect themselves,” Smith continued.”

People are going to get burned out, you know.

And they’re going to suffer.”