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Microsoft cloud eggs up 1% after salesforce sales cloud eggs drop 1%

The cloud eggs of Salesforce cloud eggs were on the up on Monday, after Microsoft announced it would sell its cloud-based sales and marketing technology to Amazon.com.

Salesforce will use Salesforce Enterprise, a Microsoft Azure-powered service that lets Salesforce customers manage sales and customer data across multiple data centers.

The sales-focused product, which will also sell its own hardware, will be offered through an upgrade path that includes the purchase of a new, cheaper version of Microsoft’s cloud-powered enterprise platform.

Microsoft also said it will use the sales-oriented product as a basis for its cloud offering, which could be rolled out in 2018.

The cloud eggs have been in a downtrend for months.

SalesForce’s cloud sales rose in September to $3.2 billion, down from $4.5 billion a month earlier.

That’s in part due to Microsoft’s acquisition of SalesForce, which gave it the ability to provide a suite of services that Microsoft had offered for years.

Microsoft had been pushing the cloud to customers and developers since the company bought Salesforce for $1.3 billion in 2014.

Microsoft said in January that it would be using the Salesforce sales-centric product as its base for cloud sales and managed services.