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How to be a lightning storm in the cloud

A lightning storm is a cloud that develops and then disappears in a lightning bolt, but unlike thunderstorms, lightning storms can’t travel faster than the speed of sound.

But they do have a few tricks to help you deal with lightning.1.

The cloud can be shaped to avoid a storm.

Cloudes are made up of air molecules that are held together by the water droplets in them.

If you’re flying in a cloud and a storm is coming, you’re more likely to land on a cushion of water than you are on a rock.

This creates a cloud-shaped cushion of air that can avoid the storm if you’re not careful.

The air that is in the cushion of the cloud is also much heavier than the air in the surrounding area.2.

The clouds are smaller than the storm.

You can easily see where lightning is coming from by how the cloud shapes its shape.

A lightning bolt that’s coming from the west is more likely in the west.

A storm coming from east is more prone to the north.3.

Clouds in a storm have a tendency to form around the lightning source.

This helps to keep your surroundings clear of lightning and to avoid the cloud-like conditions that are common during thunderstorms.4.

The storm is likely to develop over the horizon.

In the cloud, lightning bolts can’t reach their destination, but when they do, they can hit the clouds and damage them.