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Google’s Cloud movie service is still not ready for prime time

Google’s cloud movie service continues to struggle in the US.

Google Cloud Movies is available only on the Google Play Store, and it has a limited selection of titles that can be watched on the web.

For some customers, though, that’s a problem.

In a blog post on Wednesday, Google said it’s working on making Cloud Movies better.

In addition to more local movies, it’s making the app faster and more flexible, it added.

The company is also updating its own Google Play Movies app.

“The first release of Google Cloud is now available to all customers in the United States and Canada,” it wrote.

“All customers are invited to sign up to get a preview of this release.

We are also updating our own Google Movies app to improve performance and support.

We have made improvements to how our content is displayed in the app, including the addition of a local movie selection to the list of movies in the library.

In the coming weeks, we will roll out additional improvements to the app.”

The blog post included a few videos of the app.

It’s unclear what the app looks like.

In one, it shows off a small selection of movies available on Google’s website.

The other video shows a few scenes from the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” which stars Tom Hanks.

The app has been available on the Play Store since the start of 2017.

In early February, Google launched a preview version of Cloud Movies on the Web.

But the company has struggled to deliver on that promise.

In June, it announced plans to move Cloud Movies to the Google app.

The Google Play store was launched in 2007 as a way for users to stream video content to the device they’re on.

The Web version of the site has remained largely the same since, with a few notable additions: it now has a local search feature and a “cloud library” feature that allows users to access their local library of movies and TV shows.

In late June, Google announced plans for a Web-based version of its Cloud movies app.

In February, it rolled out a preview for the app in the Play store.

The blog posts suggest that the company is working on adding more local content to Cloud Movies.

But Google says it still needs to improve the experience for users.

“We are excited to bring Cloud Movies back to the Web, as well as to bring other services to the Chrome Web Store,” the blog post said.

Google is also working on a way to make Cloud Movies more flexible. “

Cloud Movies is ready for the next generation of Web experience.”

Google is also working on a way to make Cloud Movies more flexible.

The announcement included a video that shows off the new feature.

The videos are small but are a good indication that the service is getting ready to expand to more devices, Google Cloud VP of products Jon Saito said.

The new features include: Cloud Library (cloud-based, cloud-based TV, and local TV)