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When Microsoft buys IBM, it’s going to bring in the best talent

IBM is taking a page out of the Amazon playbook when it’s making an acquisition.

The software giant’s chief executive said Friday that the $13.5 billion acquisition of IBM would bring in a team of the best employees in the world to its cloud-computing business.

IBM, which has a large presence in the Internet of Things, is already working on hardware and software for the cloud.

“We want to build a team that is the best in the business,” Bob Dudley said during an interview at the company’s global headquarters.

The new headquarters, the company said, will house a mix of IT and cloud engineers.

IBM said it would also hire 50 people from the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany.

It said it will hire about 15 from the UK, as well as a number of engineers from India.

IBM also said it has signed an agreement with the U.K.’s IT service provider.

“This is a world-class company that has a world class approach to technology,” Dudley said.

“The fact that they’re here in London is going to mean they have the best, most talented people in the market.”

IBM has been making moves into the cloud space with a number a big acquisitions in recent years, but it has focused more on cloud-based computing than other companies.

Its cloud services and applications have dominated the industry, and the company recently became the first company to offer free data and video streaming to businesses.

Microsoft has also been building a strong cloud presence, hiring more than 2,000 cloud employees in less than a year.

The company has also said that it is in talks with Google to work on building a new data center.

IBM’s chief business officer, John Caudill, is also in London for the event.

IBM has previously said it is committed to expanding the cloud and has been trying to attract more customers from China.

The deal will create about 15,000 jobs in the United Arab Emirates, and it said the deal is expected to close by the end of 2019.