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How to Create Your Own Clouds

By now, most of you are familiar with the cloud.

The name of this magical cloud is a combination of the words cloud and thunder, and it comes from the Latin word cloudus, meaning “cloud.”

Clouds are like the sky, but they are also the air above us, and they are made of water vapor.

They are composed of the same molecules as air, and as such, they can behave just like water.

A cloud is made up of water droplets that come together to form a ball or pellet, and these droplets form clouds.

It takes about 15 minutes for the droplets to form the ball or ball, and the ball will float down into the clouds to form clouds of its own.

Once the droplet has settled down in the clouds, it is ready for reflection.

It is this reflection that creates the clouds color, and this reflection creates the image we see as clouds.

You can create clouds by placing a glass or plastic container of water in front of a cloud and letting the dropper slowly move around inside of the container.

The water will move around, reflecting off the droppers.

You’ll notice that if you hold the glass container directly up to the cloud, you will see a clear water surface.

You will see the reflection of the water and the dropped droppers on the cloud surface, as well as the reflection from the glass on the surface of the cloud itself.

If you are going to place a glass container in front a cloud, make sure to let it dry completely before placing it inside the cloud so that the reflection will reflect the water back to the glass and leave the reflection on the glass itself.

This way, you can see the water reflect back to you and not leave your reflection on your glass as well.