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UK to install new artificial intelligence for dark cloud analysis

The UK will install an artificial intelligence system to analyze dark clouds for the first time, with the aim of helping the country spot them before they form.

In a news release on Tuesday, the government said it will install the Cloud Vision AI system, which will use the cloud as a “dark cloud analysis” tool.

The system will use “cloud-based technology and algorithms” to identify and classify clouds and clouds’ attributes.

The technology will be used to help the country’s dark cloud forecasts, with which it will be able to track changes in cloud cover, the temperature and humidity.

The UK’s forecasts for the next three months will be based on cloud forecasts from three of the countrys leading forecasting services, MeteoGroup, Datawind and Weatherbeat, the announcement said.

“We will use cloud analysis to identify the best time to use a storm surge forecast, to help us to identify storm-related risks, and to help identify when it is more appropriate to use flood warnings,” Environment Secretary Sajid Javid said.

“The system will be deployed by 2020.”

The government said the new system will also be used by government departments to monitor and improve their forecasts.

“Our forecasts will provide a more accurate, up-to-date view of the weather conditions across the UK, and provide a new way to track and monitor developments,” a spokesperson said.

The system has been in the planning stage since early 2016, with MeteosGroup saying it will initially be able do its job by using its own data from its own weather data.

“It will also help us identify when storms will form, the optimal time to deploy flood warnings, and other relevant weather-related issues,” the spokesperson said in the news release.

The announcement comes after a similar move by the UK’s Environment Agency in June 2020, which also used the cloud for its weather forecasts.

The Meteoes forecast cloud analysis will be a “full-scale, high-performance data analysis system” that can be used for “weather-related, economic, social, and political applications,” the agency said.

Meteos Group’s technology was originally developed for the UK government and is currently being used by Meteomedia, which is based in London.

Meteomia has been used by other governments to help predict storm surges in the UK and the US.

In December 2016, the UK-based company announced a new cloud-based prediction tool that would provide forecasts from a wide range of weather services in the country, including Meteogroup.