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Cartoon clouds,Kindle cloud: What you need to know about the internet of things (to protect your privacy)

By now, you probably know that Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Fire TV tablets have become synonymous with cloud storage.

But how much do you know about how those devices connect to the internet?

As you probably noticed, they don’t.

The Kindle Fire’s cloud service, Cloud Drive, and the Kindle Fire HDX are all free.

Amazon says that Cloud Drive can also provide data backup, but only for the purposes of storing the Kindle device, not to store data on your behalf.

And the HDX’s Cloud Drive is limited to one device per account, though it can sync data to multiple devices.

If you want to access the cloud from multiple devices at once, you’ll need to pay a fee.

To access Cloud Drive from multiple machines, you will need to have an Amazon account.

Amazon is not selling Cloud Drive or any of its products.

If your Kindle device is out of stock, you can buy a new one, but it’s not cheap.

If the cloud service isn’t working on your device, you may have to pay to fix it.

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