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Google says it will start using Amazon cloud services to store its games in India, but won’t be charging gamers anything for it

Google has announced that it will begin using Amazon Web Services to store games on its cloud in India and China, but not for the first time.

The move comes as the cloud gaming giant faces a growing demand for games from players in the Indian market and in China, which are both rapidly growing in terms of user base and game revenue.

The company, however, says it plans to charge gamers for cloud storage and game storage, as it does in the US.

“The cloud is a great platform, and the opportunity for developers to leverage this is tremendous,” said Paul Allen, Google’s senior vice president of product and services for cloud gaming, in a statement.

“We are committed to enabling developers to make great games, and we want to make it easy for them to do so, by providing access to a broad range of services including AWS.”

We’re also expanding our business in the cloud and looking at other ways to make that happen.

“Amazon’s Cloud Gaming is already available to Google Play and the Amazon Appstore, though it isn’t part of Google’s cloud gaming services.

Google says it expects that to change, though not necessarily in the coming months.”

That’s an important new opportunity.””

Amazon Cloud Gaming gives developers the ability to bring their games to market without compromising their business models or customer experience.

That’s an important new opportunity.”

Microsoft is also looking at offering cloud gaming for its Xbox games, although that is likely to be in the same limited way as Amazon, Microsoft said.

Microsoft is currently selling Xbox Live Gold, which it charges users to access, for $39.99 a year.

Microsoft also charges $20 a month for Xbox Live, which users can also access for free through its Xbox app.

Microsoft will also soon begin offering free games through its Bing Video app, and is currently testing a subscription-based program for Xbox.

Microsoft hasn’t yet announced whether it plans on charging gamers for gaming services, or whether it will make cloud gaming an option for players in India or China.

Microsoft has also said it plans “a variety of opportunities for developers” to use cloud gaming to develop games for its platforms.