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How to create your own cartoon clouds

If you’re looking for a way to get your foot in the door with your own cloud design, here’s how.


Create your own clouds You might be thinking that you can make your own balloons, but no-one’s really done that.

You could buy a set of balloons, print a picture of them and decorate them with some other things you’d like to add to them.

The problem is that balloons are extremely heavy, and balloons will take time to build and they tend to rust.

So it might be more effective to make your clouds by making them yourself.


Make a custom template Make sure to get a template that’s appropriate for your style and needs.

Here are some examples of templates that I’ve found helpful: A photo of you from a wedding dress or a portrait of your favourite celebrities from a magazine cover.

A balloon from a balloon balloon collection.

One of my favourite things to do is to make a balloon collection of your favourites.

Have you made a balloon that you think is pretty?

Have a look at some of the images in my collection. 

Here’s how you can go about it.

If you’re planning to make the balloons yourself, there’s also a template for you to print out.

For those of you who don’t know what a balloon is, they are small balloons that are inflated to an height of around 100cm (32 inches).

You put them in a glass jar and they float in the air.

Then you place them in the sky and you have a cloud.

There are several balloon making techniques you can use.

Take a look around, and find one that suits you best.

Some of the techniques I’ve used here are: Cutting your own balloon When I was designing the balloons, I took inspiration from the cut of my finger and decided to make my own.

I decided to cut it into shapes that were appropriate for my design.

It’s important to take your time, and think about the balloon as a whole.

When you have your balloon ready, you can cut it out of your balloon collection, and put it in a jar.

Cut it out with a small knife or a scissors and stick it in your jar.

It should hold its shape as it floats in the clouds.

Picking your balloon shape If your balloon is too large, you might want to take it down to a smaller size.

Using your scissors or knife, cut the balloon to size. 

Now you can carefully remove the balloon and store it in the jar.

You can then decorate the balloon with a picture, some balloons, and a balloon design. 

The balloon designs are very fun, and the decorating is quite creative too.

Once you’ve got your balloon in your collection, you should have a collection of balloons to decorate with.

How to make clouds Once your balloons have been made, you’ll need to make them to go along with your balloons.

Start by drawing a circle with the shapes you’ve chosen for your balloons in mind.

Put the balloon in the centre of the circle and draw a line down the centre.

Now, draw a vertical line down that line and down the bottom of the balloon.

These lines are the clouds, and you can put them all together to create the final shape of your balloons, or you can just put them together as is.

Fill in the holes with your balloon designs.

Repeat this process for all the balloons.